40 The Forgiver -Ghafir

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful

[40.1] HaMeem.

[40.2] The sending down of the Book is from Allah, the Almighty, the Knower.

[40.3] The Forgiver of sins and the Acceptor of repentance. Stern in retribution, the Bountiful, there is no god except He and to Him is the arrival.

[40.4] None but the unbelievers dispute concerning the verses of Allah. So do not be deluded by their going to and fro in the land.

[40.5] The nation of Noah before them belied, and so did the parties after them. Every nation strove against their Messenger to seize him, disputing with false arguments to refute the truth. Then I seized them, how was My punishment!

[40.6] And so it is that the Word of your Lord shall be realized against the unbelievers they are the inhabitants of the Fire.

[40.7] Those who bear the Throne and those around it exalt with the praise of their Lord and believe in Him. They ask forgiveness for the believers (saying): 'Our Lord, You embrace all things in mercy and knowledge. Forgive those who repent and follow Your Way. Shield them against the punishment of Hell.

[40.8] Admit them, Our Lord, to the Gardens of Eden which You have promised them, together with those who were righteous among their fathers, their wives, and their offspring. You are the Almighty, the Wise,

[40.9] and guard them against all evil deeds. Whosoever You guarded against evil deeds on that Day, surely, You have had mercy upon them, and that is indeed the mighty triumph. '

[40.10] It shall be proclaimed to the unbelievers: 'Surely, the hatred of Allah for you is greater than your hatred of yourselves. You were called to belief but disbelieved. '

[40.11] They shall say: 'Our Lord, twice You have made us die, and twice You have given us life, now, we confess our sins. Is there any way we can be brought out of this? '

[40.12] (They shall be answered): 'That is because you disbelieved when Allah alone was supplicated to, but when others were associated with Him you believed. ' Judgement belongs to Allah, the Most High, the Great.

[40.13] It is He who shows to you His signs and sends down your provision from the sky. Yet no one remembers except he who is penitent.

[40.14] Supplicate then to Allah making your religion sincerely His, even though the unbelievers oppose it.

[40.15] Exalter in ranks, Owner of the Throne. He lets the spirit (the revelation) descend at His order on those of His worshipers whom He chooses, in order that He warns of the Day of the Meeting;

[40.16] the Day when they shall rise up with nothing hidden from Allah. And who is the Owner of the Kingdom on that Day? Allah, the One, the Conqueror!

[40.17] On that Day every soul shall be recompensed for its earnings and on that Day none shall be wronged. The reckoning of Allah is swift.

[40.18] Warn them against the Imminent Day when, choking with anguish, the hearts will be in their throats, the harmdoers will not have a single, loyal friend, and there will be no intercessor to be obeyed.

[40.19] He (Allah) knows the furtive looks of the eyes and what the chests conceal.

[40.20] With justice Allah will judge, but those upon whom they call, other than Him, can not judge anything at all! Allah is the Hearer, the Seer.

[40.21] Have they never journeyed through the land and seen what was the end of those who have gone before them? They were stronger than themselves in might and left firmer traces in the earth, but Allah seized them for their sinning, and they had none to protect them from Allah.

[40.22] That was because they disbelieved their Messengers when they came to them with clear signs, and so Allah seized them. Surely, He is Strong, and Stern in retribution.

[40.23] We sent Moses with Our signs and with clear authority

[40.24] to Pharaoh, Haman, and Korah. But they said: 'A sorcerer, a liar. '

[40.25] And when he brought them the truth from Us they said: 'Kill the sons of those who believe with him, but spare their women. ' But the scheming of the unbelievers is always in error.

[40.26] Pharaoh said: 'Let me kill Moses, then let him call to his Lord! I am fearful that he will change your religion or cause mischief in the land. '

[40.27] Moses said: 'I take refuge in my Lord and in your Lord from every proud (person), who does not believe in Day of Reckoning. '

[40.28] But one of Pharaoh's people, who was in secret a believer, asked: 'Would you kill a man because he says: "My Lord is Allah?" He has brought you clear signs from your Lord. If he is lying, let his lie be on his head, but, if he is speaking the truth then at least a part of what he promises will befall you. Allah does not guide the lying sinner.

[40.29] O my nation, today the kingdom is yours and you are the masters in the land. But, if the might of Allah should come against us, who will help us? ' Pharaoh said: 'I only let you see what I see. I guide you to the path of righteousness! '

[40.30] The one who believed said: 'I fear for you the like of the day of the confederates my nation,

[40.31] or, something similar to the circumstances of the nations of Noah, Aad, and Thamood, and those who came after them. Allah does not want to wrong His worshipers.

[40.32] And, my nation, I fear for you the Day of Calling,

[40.33] the Day when you will turn in retreat with none to protect you from Allah. He whom Allah leads astray has no guide.

[40.34] Before this, Joseph brought you clear signs, but you continued to be doubtful of that which he brought. When he passed away you said: "Allah will never send another Messenger after him." As such Allah leads astray the sinner, the doubter.

[40.35] Those who dispute the signs of Allah without any authority having reached them are very hateful before Allah and the believers. As such Allah sets a seal on every heart that is proud and arrogant.

[40.36] Pharaoh said: 'Haman, build me a tower that I can reach the ways,

[40.37] the ways of heaven so that I may look upon the God of Moses, because I think that he is a liar! ' And so Pharaoh's evil deeds were made to seem fair to him, and he was barred from the Way. And Pharaoh's guile came to nothing except ruin.

[40.38] He who was a believer said: 'Follow me, my nation, so that I may guide you to the Right Path.

[40.39] O my nation, the life of this world is nothing but an enjoyment, but surely, the life of the Everlasting Life is the stable abode.

[40.40] Those who do an evil deed shall only be rewarded with its like, but those who believe and do good works, either men and women, shall enter the Gardens of Paradise and are provided for without reckoning.

[40.41] My nation, how is it that I call you to salvation and you call me to the Fire?

[40.42] You call me to disbelieve in Allah and to associate with Him that of which I know nothing; while I call you to the Almighty, the Forgiving.

[40.43] There is no doubt that what you call me to has neither a call in this world, nor in the Everlasting Life. To Allah we shall return, and the excessive sinners are the inhabitants of the Fire.

[40.44] You will remember what I say to you. To Allah I commit my affair, surely, Allah sees His worshipers. '

[40.45] Allah saved him from the evils that they devised, and an evil punishment encompassed Pharaoh's people.

[40.46] (Before) the Fire they shall be exposed morning and evening, and on the Day when the Hour comes, (it will be said): 'Admit the family of Pharaoh into the most terrible punishment! '

[40.47] And when they argue with one another in Hell, the weak will say to the proud: 'We were your followers, will you help us against any share of the Fire? '

[40.48] But those who were proud will reply: 'All of us are in it (Hell). Allah has judged between His worshipers. '

[40.49] And those in the Fire will say to the keepers of Gehenna (Hell): 'Call your Lord to lessen our punishment for one day! '

[40.50] But they will say: 'Did your Messengers not come to you with clear signs? ' 'Yes indeed, ' they will answer. And they will reply: 'Then you call. ' But the calling of the unbelievers is only in error.

[40.51] Surely, We shall help Our Messengers and the believers both in this world and on the Day when the witnesses rise.

[40.52] On that Day no excuse will benefit the harmdoers. Theirs shall be the curse, and an evil lodging.

[40.53] We gave Moses the Guidance and bequeathed upon the Children of Israel the Book

[40.54] for guidance and a reminder for those of understanding.

[40.55] Therefore have patience; the promise of Allah is true, and ask forgiveness of your sins, and exalt with the praise of your Lord in the evening and at dawn.

[40.56] (As for) those who dispute the verses of Allah without authority having been given to them, there is nothing in their chests but pride; that, they shall never attain. Therefore seek refuge in Allah, surely, He is the Hearer, the Seer.

[40.57] Indeed, the creation of heavens and earth is greater than the creation of mankind, yet most people do not know.

[40.58] The blind and the seeing are not equal, nor are those who believe and do good works, and the wrongdoer yet you seldom reflect.

[40.59] There is no doubt that the Hour is coming, yet most people do not believe.

[40.60] Your Lord has said: 'Call on Me and I will answer you. Those who are too proud to worship Me shall enter Gehenna utterly abject. '

[40.61] It is Allah who made for you the night in which to rest and the day to see. Allah is bountiful to the people, yet most people do not give thanks.

[40.62] Such is Allah, your Lord, the Creator of all things. There is no god except He. How then can you turn away from Him?

[40.63] As such those who disbelieve the signs of Allah turn away.

[40.64] It is Allah who has given you the earth as a fixed place, and the heaven for a canopy. He has shaped you and made you fine images, and provided you with goodness. Such is Allah, your Lord. Blessed be Allah, Lord of all the Worlds.

[40.65] He is the Living; there is no god except He. Supplicate to Him and make the religion sincerely His. Praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the Worlds!

[40.66] Say: 'I am forbidden to worship those whom you worship, other than Allah. Clear verses have come to me from my Lord and I am commanded to surrender to the Lord of the Worlds. '

[40.67] It is He who created you from dust, then from a (sperm) drop, and then a (blood) clot. He then brings you forth as an infant, then you reach your strength, after which you come of age though some of you die before it and that you reach an appointed term, in order that you understand.

[40.68] It is He who gives life and makes to die, and when He decrees a thing, He says to it: 'Be, ' and it is!

[40.69] Do you not see how those who dispute about the verses of Allah how they are turned about?

[40.70] Those who belie the Book and that with which We sent Our Messengers shall soon know.

[40.71] When the fetters and chains are round their necks they shall be dragged

[40.72] into boiling water, then, into the Fire they shall be poured.

[40.73] It will then be asked of them: 'Where are those whom you associated,

[40.74] other than Allah? ' They will reply: 'They have gone astray from us. Indeed what we used to call upon before is nothing. ' Accordingly, Allah leads the unbelievers astray.

[40.75] (And it will be said): 'That is because you rejoiced on earth in things of which you had no right, and were very happy.

[40.76] Enter the gates of Gehenna and live there for ever. Evil is the lodging of the proud.

[40.77] Therefore have patience, the Promise of Allah is true. Whether We show you something of that We promise them or call you to Us, to Us they shall all return.

[40.78] We sent other Messengers before you; of some, We have already told you, of others We have not told you. Yet it was not for any Messenger to bring a verse except by the permission of Allah. And when the command of Allah comes the matter will be justly decided; and the vaindoers will be lost.

[40.79] It is Allah who has provided you with cattle, some that you ride and some that you eat,

[40.80] and for you there are other uses in them, and that upon them you may reach a need in your chests, and upon them and on ships you are carried.

[40.81] He shows you His signs. Now which of the signs of Allah do you disbelieve?

[40.82] Have they never journeyed through the land and seen what was the end of those who have gone before them? They were stronger than themselves in might and left firmer traces upon the earth; yet, whatsoever they earned did not help them.

[40.83] When their Messengers brought them clear verses they rejoiced in such knowledge as they had; but they were encompassed by that which they mocked.

[40.84] And when they saw Our Might, they said: 'We believe in Allah alone, and we disbelieve in that we used to associate with Him. '

[40.85] But when they saw Our Might their belief did not benefit them! It is the way of Allah that has passed concerning His worshipers. There, the unbelievers shall be lost.