86 The Nightly Comer -At-Tariq

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful

[86.1] By the sky, and by the nightly comer!

[86.2] What could let you know what the nightly comer is!

[86.3] (It is) the piercing star.

[86.4] For every soul there is a watcher.

[86.5] Let the human reflect of what he is created.

[86.6] He was created from ejaculated water

[86.7] that issues from between the loins and the ribs.

[86.8] Surely, He is Able to bring him back,

[86.9] on the Day when consciences are examined,

[86.10] when he will be helpless, with no supporter.

[86.11] By the sky with its returning rain,

[86.12] and by the earth bursting with vegetation;

[86.13] this is indeed a Decisive Word,

[86.14] it is not a jest.

[86.15] They are cunningly devising,

[86.16] and I am cunningly devising.

[86.17] Therefore respite the unbelievers, and delay them for a while.